Automatic Doors

We offer a range of quality automatic sliding and swing door products in Manchester and all over the UK. These automatic doors can be added to existing or new doors with the ability of being activated via any combination of push button, proximity detector, digital key pad or key fob.

Whether it’s a simple swing door or a more complex sliding door system with secure access, we have the experience and knowledge to offer you the right solution..

We have also completed many installations for residential customers and made their lives easy around the home, which in some occasions means that elderly people are able to stay in their own home rather than having to move to other accommodation

Automatic Swing/Sliding Door Operators

  • Activation via push button, proximity detector, digital key pad or key fob
  • Swing door operators work like manual closer in the event of power failure
  • Low Energy operators for swing doors with Power Assisted Push & Go mode
  • Opening time and speed can be fully adjusted
  • Safety sensors
  • Anti-trap finger guards
  • Battery back up
  • Break-out anti panic systems
  • Connection to for fire alarm to fail open in the event of a fire
  • Internal or external applications
  • Installations comply with BS7036

The Disability Discrimination Act may affect your business?

Openings recognise the needs of disabled people and the problems they encounter on a daily basis, particularly when access to buildings have been designed with only able bodied people in mind.

Bi-Folding Doors
The Premier Fold automatic folding door is a powerful automatic electro-hydraulic folding door set, Enclosed in a discreet “In-head” section that is built into the door frame. It can be tailored to a wide range of different applications and conditions.

The automatic folding door operator opens via a motor and closed by an adjustable spring. Opening and closing speeds are individually adjustable.

The Premier automatic folding door is the ideal solution when installing new doors where a swing or sliding door may not be suitable. The In-head Option removes the need for unsightly Drive arms as the High strength drive is provided via the In-head pivot point.